Founded as a family enterprise in 1885—and now successfully grown into its fifth generation—KINKELE has made a name for itself as a global authority for mechanical engineering challenges. When things get tricky, deadlines get tight, or your own capacity is running low: As the leading specialised mechanical engineering company in Europe, KINKELE remains by your side, providing prompt delivery of high-quality products.

Our portfolio is extraordinary and wide ranging: from the Royal Clock Tower in Mecca, the world's largest clock, to the 14-meter-high model of the Ariane 5 launcher, from sunshades in the U.S. to simple component parts.


After Friedrich A. Kinkele's death, Kurt Kinkele took over his fathers's life achievement and is now leading the company successfully into the future.

1977 Friedrich Kinkele


Friedrich A. Kinkele is the fourth generation to manage the family company, setting the course for future success. Under his direction, the company grows rapidly and becomes what it is today: a global contract manufacturer for machine, equipment and plant engineering.

1973 Master Craftsman F. Kinkele Chronik


On July 13, 1973, Friedrich Kinkele receives the master craftsman's certificate for the mechanical engineering trade from the Chamber of Crafts Upper Bavaria.

1950 Andreas Kinkele


Following World War II, Andreas Kinkele takes over the family company. New milling and welding machines are added to the fleet, the company expands, modernises and develops further in the direction of machine construction and repair.

1941 Master Craftsman Andreas Kinkele Chronicle


On January 28th, 1941, Andreas Kinkele, eldest son of Karl Kinkele, receives his master craftsman certificate from the Würzburg Chamber of Trade.

1913 Master Craftsman Karl Kinkele Chronicle


On November 15th, 1913, Karl Kinkele receives his master craftsman certificate for the locksmith trade.

1890 Karl Kinkele


Karl Kinkele assumes his father's locksmith business. Company headquarters move to Zwinger 12, Ochsenfurt.

1885 Stephan Kinkele


Stephan Kinkele founds the KINKELE locksmith shop at Spitalgasse 13 in Ochsenfurt, Germany.

Kinkele 1885 founding

Today as then, the company's focus is on customised mechanical engineering solutions as well as equipment and plant engineering on a contractual basis.

1885 Safes

The shop primarily manufactures safes and vaults, fireproof tabernacles and decimal balances for agriculture.