Contract manufacturing in welding, welding work

When it comes to precise work, performed neatly and accurately, you need someone who knows what they're doing.

In other words, a reliable professional. From robot welding to assembly and riveting, and all the way to manual welding: our 70 qualified metal workers and welders guarantee consistent quality in everything that they do. They can even handle heavyweights, e.g. modules up to 50 tons a piece. No problem.

Production area
5000 m2
3000 hrs./week
40 t steel/day

DIN EN 1090-2 Welding Proficiency Certificate ("Schweißeignungszertifikat") for execution, assembly and coating of load-bearing steel and aluminium structures

Areas of application for welding work on load-bearing components:

  • DIN 18800-7 Steel structures
  • DIN 15018 Cranes
  • DIN 19704 Hydro steel structures
  • DIN 4131 Aerial bearing structures
  • DIN 4132 Crane runways
  • DIN 4133 Steel chimneys
  • DIN 4112 Temporary structures

Major Verification of Proficiency Certificate ("Großer Eignungsnachweis") with additional permits for the welding of: stainless CrNi steels and fine-grained construction steels S690Q, S890QL and S960QL

Compliance with the comprehensive technical quality requirements for welding
Welding permit for pressure vessel manufacturers
Production of pressure equipment in accordance with pressure equipment directive 97/23/EG

  • Materials
  • Carbon steels and low-alloyed steels
  • Fine-grained construction steels, austenitic steels
  • Aluminium materials
  • Wall thickness: 120 mm, max. Ø 8,000 mm

Welding methods:

  • 111 Manual metal arc welding (MMA)
  • 141 Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG)
  • 131 Metal inert gas welding (MIG)
  • 135 Metal active gas welding (MAG)
  • 136 Metal active gas welding with flux-cored wire electrode (MAG-FC)
  • 78 Stud welding with arc ignition

Certification on proof of suitability for the welding of railed vehicles and vehicle parts of the component category CL 1

Welding certification for military equipment

Welding certification issued by the Bundeswehr Technical Centre for Weapons and Ammunition for the welding of parts and housings of armoured materials

Our current DIN 2303 Q3 certificate is valid until October 4th, 2025  //  No publication on the internet

Authorisation for welding in accordance with the welding regulations of the DNV GL

Agreement on the proper restamping of products with manufacturers´ material testing certificates, which have been tested in accordance with the regulations for equipment requiring monitoring (97/23/EC Guideline on Pressure Equipment and AD 2000 Code of Practice, leaflet W 0)

Certification of specialist operation purs. to §19 I of the Federal Water Resources Law ("WHG") for plants for the storage, filling, treatment and use of non-flammable water-hazardous liquids

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