Industrial coating - coating and blasting for any size of component

We like our work to shine. To that effect, we offer the highest quality wet-coat processes.

Our team of highly qualified employees—incl. process technicians and coating inspectors (Frosio level 3 certified)—apply coats using various methods: airmix, double membrane and airless. Special, combined coating and drying chambers offer flexibility and efficient processing. And we take the environment into consideration, e.g. with our blasting grit recovery and treatment systems as well as continuous de-dusting and water treatment plants.

10 employees
450 hrs./week
3 shift operation

We shine with industrial coatings tailored to your needs

At Kinkele, special combined coating and drying booths ensure flexibility and efficient workflows. In addition, we have facilities for blasting media recirculation and blasting media preparation.

Permanently running dust removal systems and water treatment plants complement our environmentally friendly corporate philosophy.

Processes for wet coating of the highest quality

With a team of highly qualified employees, including process mechanics and coating inspectors (Frosio-certified Level 3), we coat using a variety of processes:

  • Airmix,
  • double membrane and
  • airless.

We can do coating! An example?

Coating of an industrial vacuum chamber

This reference is a horizontal glass coating plant, which is based on a modular platform and is used e.g. for photovoltaic plants.

In addition to welding work, machining work, assembly work and final quality assurance, this plant was also coated by us as follows:

  • Coating: inside coated with CETELON-D/D top coat.
  • Primer for pretreatment: outside primed and painted according to customer's specification
  • Sandblasting of surfaces: sandblasted before coating
  • Glass bead blasting for cleaning: glass bead blasted according to LHH-N 120.030 p.1

Mobile drilling rigs, floating platforms, rigs and ships require powerful and reliable propulsion and maneuvering systems for their daily work on the high seas in sometimes extremely adverse weather conditions. The following reference is an angular gearbox housing for so-called thrusters (rotating underwater propeller drive).

Also for this customer project we were allowed to weld, machine, ensure the final quality and paint:

  • Corrosion protection: Coating for corrosivity category C5-M according to DIN EN ISO 12944-5.
  • Glass fiber reinforced top coat
  • 8-layer paint structure, dry film density 800 µm

Your inquiry for industrial coating

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