CNC contract manufacturing: Machining technology at Kinkele

We bring metal into top form

KINKELE GmbH has been a reliable partner for decades when it comes to forming steel, stainless steel, aluminium or other metals by machining. Since its foundation in 1885, the owner-managed family business from Ochsenfurt has established itself as a competent partner and service provider for demanding tasks in the field of mechanical engineering.

KINKELE, your reliable partner when it comes to metal cutting

With our 80 skilled employees in the field of machining, we not only have extensive know-how, but also the necessary capacities to realize even the most demanding customer requirements in the field of CNC contract manufacturing. Trust in our many years of experience and competence, with which we bring different metals into almost any desired shape with absolute precision.

Depending on the application, we process small to large workpieces, turning, drilling, milling and grinding them with the highest precision and meticulous accuracy. With our 20 machines, we can process metallic workpieces exactly according to customer specifications, and this within a wide range of possible dimensions:

  • Length between 500 mm and 21.500 mm,
  • Width between 500 mm and 5,000 mm and
  • Height between 500 mm and 5.000 mm.


20 Machines
3000 hrs./week
3 shift operation

You need larger or smaller workpieces that you want to have machined in reliable quality? Talk to us, we will surely get the job done! Because today, as then, our company motto is: KINKELE - We do it.

We are partners of many leading industrial companies

What makes KINKELE stand out is not only its extensive machinery or a highly motivated, highly trained team of specialists. Rather, it is our ability to successfully handle even complex projects by combining our expertise and thus jointly achieving even the biggest goals. Thanks to this team spirit, which has shaped the company for generations, we are and have been able to successfully implement even the most demanding projects.

This is also clear from a glance at our references. Because KINKELE enjoys an excellent reputation, especially in the field of contract manufacturing, and is at home in numerous industries: Whether in power engineering, mechanical engineering, for manufacturers of cranes and hoists, in the aerospace industry or in the field of offshore plants and vacuum technology - we serve a large number of VDMA industries. And even in the fields of art and architecture, international customers rely on our expertise and experience to develop sophisticated solutions. Such as the world's largest clock, the Royal Clock Tower, located in Mecca, in which we played a major role.

Quality and reliability are part of our corporate DNA

In the field of machining, we do not only offer you millimeter-precise quality, but also sufficient capacity if you need quick and extensive support. We offer you up to 3,000 hours of production capacity per week and work in 3-shift operation to enable us to realize even complex customer orders as quickly as possible.

It goes without saying that our processes - in machining as well as in contract manufacturing, in plant construction, welding, painting or assembly - are defined and documented in a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015, so that you always receive the high quality you can rightly expect from KINKELE.

To this end, we attach great importance to the good training of our employees. Motivated, committed and well-trained staff is, in addition to a modern and flexible machine park, indispensable for producing quality every day and not only to meet but also to exceed demanding customer expectations. For this reason, we provide regular training in all areas and thus ensure that we ourselves have an important supply of new skilled workers.

As a family-owned company, we also attach great importance to a pleasant working atmosphere in which the qualities and strengths of each employee are recognized and promoted. Because only together can we manage to complete even time-critical projects to the full extent and in the usual KINKELE quality and to completely satisfy our numerous customers at home and abroad.

From inpidual components to complete machines - everything from one source

No matter whether you call us in because you need a single component that we manufacture exactly to your specifications or because you need a complex machine - we will do it.

We offer you not only reliable services in the field of machining, but also a complete package, where we also plan, manufacture, assemble and hand over the required machines ready for operation.

And if you wish, we can also take over the project management and ensure that everything runs smoothly and functions smoothly from the very first moment. And not just somehow, but really well.

CNC large-scale cutting: complex machining thanks to five-axis milling centers

Precision machining for mechanical engineering, also for large dimensions and materials that are difficult to machine, and this with 70 highly qualified employees, all of whom are skilled workers. The coordination is carried out by experienced master craftsmen.

Our machine park for large and heavy machining includes

Carousel turning

Three CNC carousel turning-milling machines with driven tools for turning-milling operations with maximum workpiece dimensions of:

  • turning diameter: 5.000 mm
  • turning height: 3.000 mm
  • mass: 40 t

Portal milling machines (gantry design)

Two CNC portal milling machines for five-sided machining with different angle heads with maximum workpiece dimensions of:

  • length: 18.500 mm
  • width: 4.200 mm
  • height: 3.400 mm

Lateral milling machines

Eight CNC milling machines with angle heads of various performance classes with maximum process paths of

  • X = 14,250 mm
  • Y = 3.000 mm
  • Z = 1,500 mm

Dividing head for rotationally symmetrical workpieces with

  • turning diameter: 1.800 mm
  • turning length: 12.000 mm
  • Mass: 12 t

Panel boring mills with turntable

Six CNC machines for five-sided machining with different milling heads.

Machining centers

Four CNC universal milling machines for various special sizes on shuttle tables. These include a five-axis turning/milling center for complex turning/milling operations with a maximum workpiece dimension of

X = 4,000 mm
Y = 2.000 mm
Mass: 3 t

Inquiry for machining technology

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