Frame for flight simulator

After welding and processing, this structure will become the frame for a flight simulator (Cabin Crew Trainer) for the drilling of flight attendants. The airplane cabin will be placed on the frame. Then the frame and the cabin can be tilted at different angles to create a realistic training environment for the crew.

Our customer also placed great value on the fact that we work in compliance with the design, construction and safety standard DIN 15018.

For our customer, Bosch Rexroth, we manufacture individual parts for the "Cabin Crew Trainer".


  • Weld seam execution according to drawings, as well as weld seam inspections according to drawing specifications
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Penetrant testing
  • Weld seam execution according to quality level B
  • Non-destructive testing


  • The machining of large parts with a length of 30 m in one clamping


  • Coating of the frame

Quality Assurance

  • Material certification 3.1
  • Laser tracker measurement