Turbine test bench

Our customer is constructing a new turbine test bench to test turbines for aircraft engines and stationary gas turbines for power generation. This mechanism is able to simulate the most important flow parameters of cutting-edge, high-performance turbines. It also enables elaborate measurements in the flow field and at the test turbine itself. By means of exchangeable test sections and measurement paths, many different types of test turbines can be analysed.

The test turbine is powered in a closed circuit with dry air. The inflow housing plays an essential role at this point, since this housing has a direct influence on the volume flow rate supplied to the turbine. Here is where the first measurements in the flow field are conducted.


Processed from a full ring (forged part), pre-machined and relocated, followed by final machining on a milling-turning-processing centre:

  • Flow contour with tight tolerances
  • High surface quality
  • Tight shape and position tolerances


In order to meet the strict requirements regarding concentricity, assembly was performed on a custom-made assembly apparatus. Detailed assembly instructions (assembly order, screw tightening torques, etc.) were provided by the customer.

Quality Assurance

Measurement and recording of the following parameters:

  • Shape and position tolerances
  • Surface qualities of flow and application surfaces
  • Dimensional stability